A powerful time-out

to listen to your wisdom

The Contemplation-Seminar offers an opportunity to balance the rational-analytical, that is so much a part of our world with the intuitive – sensory, will be more included in our everyday life, if it is given more attention through contemplating.

Contemplation means looking behind the scenes of our lives and bringing what is found there – to the fore. This enables a higher, more focused quality of thought and action, in tune with your values and goals.



More information about the FUTURE contemplation you will find in this PDF.

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Accredited Coach Training Program

This seminar is certified as a Coach Specific Training of the International Coach Federation
to provide 10 hours CCE (10 h Core Competencies)

International Trainer Team

Wolfgang Stabentheiner

Phone: +43 664 340 22 85

working languages: German, English, Italian, Greek

To become what you are,
to realize your inner reality,
to fill your life with your own abundance
this is my invitation
for YOU.

(Is there anything more important to become, to realize, to fill?)


Anita Hußl-Arnold

Phone: +43 664 532 68 84

working languages: German, English


Maria Kaplan

Phone: +49 172 894 12 98

working languages: German, English, French, Italian, Czech

With my customers I build honest and open partnerships within an authentic atmosphere where all aspects of life are given space: humour and ease, sadness and resistance, obstacles and unexpected moments of growth.


Mayryvonne Lorenzen

Phone: +33 687 25 23 06

working languages: German, English, French

I am bringing my energy and my warmth to inspire my clients and help them achieve growth and fulfillment.


Stefan Bauer-Wolf

Phone: +43 676 753 46 786

working languages: German, English

An adventurous explorer of my self. A gentle coach and companion, happy to guide and support. Looking forward to meeting YOU at our contemplation days.


International Contemplation Seminar

October 19 (5.00 PM) to October 23 (2.00 PM), 2018
Hotel am Friedrichshof, 35 minutes from Vienna International Airport/Schwechat

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Contemplation Program

The seminar begins with a – letting go of everyday life phase, relaxing, taking time for yourself.

This is followed by various physical, breathing and creative exercises, along with ‘impulse’ lectures. Music and walks help to smooth the way.

A light vegetarian diet is suggested which promotes ones sensitivity to perception.

Contemplation itself is an individual process, an exciting process with many highs, some- times also lows. It is a process in which the old is re-visited and the new re-energised. This is triggered by questions – contemplation questions – which are individually prepared by facilitators/ trainers for each participant. These are at various times contemplated individually, in pairs, in small groups or in the whole seminar group. The answers are often surprising, deeply felt responses, that open new perspectives and broaden horizons.

In the final integration phase, attention is paid to ensuring that these new perspectives are grounded and become a part of our thinking, part of everyday life.


"I can only highly recommend regular participation in Future contemplations. These encounters with your inner self make your life richer and enhance the quality of life. I see contemplation as a spa for the soul even if the processes through which you often have to go are sometimes anything but easy. The result for me, has always been a greater awareness of my self and a sense of wellbeing."
(Irene Heufler, Director of the Südtiroler Bildungszentrum SBZ, Italy)

"Contemplation enables one to look at being in the here and now from a different perspective. It allows you to consider yourself and your interactions with others from a different angle. Since the contemplation my view on my leadership role has changed – The future can be successful where people can unfold.“
(Gerd Heinrich, manager at OHB-System AG, Germany)

"The outcome of the Contemplation is that I feel supported in my everyday life especially in complex, unclear or chaotic situations. The answers or inner images, that I have found through contemplation help me to better understand my own contribution to a task or a situation and I can understand my own actions in a clearer way."
(Silvia Schallhart, Organizational Developer, Austria)

"Contemplation opened my eyes and expanded my horizons. Thanks to that I am more attentive to what others say and think in my every day life. As a result my relationships are stronger and more genuine.”
(Karen Bärlocher, Coach and owner at Movianda, Switzerland)


FUTURE Training Consulting Coaching

What is FUTURE Training Consulting Coaching?

FUTURE Training Consulting Coaching is a network of trainers, consulters and coaches based in Austria, Germany, Italy and France. The FUTURE Gmbh (FUTURE Ltd.), with its main office in Baumkirchen/Austria forms the administrative and organisational hub of the network. The FUTURE method constitutes its content and methodical basis.

The FUTURE Method

FUTURE – ever since Wolfgang and Helga Stabentheiner founded FUTURE Training Consulting Coaching in 1990, all revolves around the question:

What needs to be done today in order to create the best possible future?

This question served as the starting point for the creation of a method of training and seminars, consulting and, above all, coaching – over the years, hundreds of coaches were trained at our FUTURE Coaching Academy (accredited by the International Coaching federation), many of whom are now leading coaches in Austria, Germany, Italy and France.

But there is more to the FUTURE Method. It is also a method of leadership - about 2000 entrepreneurs, managers and leaders participated in courses via our FUTURE Leadership Academy. Some of these participants founded new companies which went on to rise to international importance and recognition, others brought their existing organisations to often previously undreamt-of heights. Many participants embarked on remarkable careers because they managed to create a momentum through their leadership that led to an optimum of future, because they managed to develop a culture in their organisations that acted like a greenhouse for the potentials of their employees.

Moreover, the FUTURE method facilitates self-realization and nurtures the growth of personal and social competence, intelligence of the heart, and spirituality. The circumstances of our lives unfold in conjunction with our inner development. The outside is a mirror of our internal lives, and vice versa. An optimum of future is only possible on the basis that we develop the potentials inherent in ourselves.


Price:  Euro 850,- (VAT not included)

Aaccommodation and catering: approximately Euro 300,- (VAT included) 


International Contemplation Seminar

October 19 (5.00 PM) to October 23 (2.00 PM), 2018
close to Vienna


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